Why Us

web-5If you are looking on the internet for the keywords “Social Media Marketing” or “Community Manager” you’ll probably find thousands of websites and companies who offer these services. Many of those companies charge very steep rates for activities which are in fact already old news or not even effective.

We try to give the Internet Marketing a more personal twist and are convinced we truly can help you and your business getting better results on the internet at more reasonable and honest prices. We work with low cost rates especially attractive for the small and medium entrepreneurs and self-employed businesses.

Affordable and personal

We offer our services only to small and medium businesses who want to be present on the internet but simply don’t have the enormous budgets to realize this. With our Internet Marketing services we can offer you a full package of online services and can take over the time absorbing work of optimizing your online activities and Social Media presence so you can focus your attention on the daily activities in your business. The prices we charge are, compared to our colleagues very competitive since we like to keep your costs to a minimal, which is especially interesting for starting entrepreneurs.

Specialists in small businesses

We are not Internet Gurus or specialists of IT managers who charge astronomical prices for their services. We simply offer our knowhow and dedication to those small businesses who want to be more present on the social networks, have special mobile websites and a professional looking modern normal website. Thanks to our personal attention and low cost prices our clients are very satisfied. If you wish to belong to this group of happy customers, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

From Spain to the rest of Europe

We are based in Spain which gives us an advantage for local and regional businesses in Spain, Great Britain or the rest of Europe. Do you own a B&B, a restaurant or bar, a moving company or British supermarket or do you export vegetables to the rest of Europe, we can help you with your online activities at very competitive prices.

Let me present myself: Remco Stoffer

My name is Remco and I am the Dutch owner and founder of Soluciones Web Plus, WordPressFive and other websites. Years ago I started to make and design my own websites, first for myself but soon also for businesses in the local area. These days the world of internet is shifting to mobile use as well and my customers asked me to design special optimized mobile versions of their existing websites.

When Social Media pages like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and just recently Google+ got more popular, people started asking me about this new way of communicating with, not only friends, but also clients and future clients. Through a lot of self-study and practice I learned the do’s and don´ts of the Social Media Marketing which gives me that extra advantage to help you and your business to position it better on the internet through the sometimes overwhelming and confusing world of Internet Marketing.